Facillity Monitoring


Monitor your facility and transportation

Class leading wireless solutions for monitoring industries such as Pharma, Agri-Food and Transportation.

We are partners with the leader in the class for monitoring systems, the french based company OceaSoft A/S, a company with global reach.

Monitoring Consulting Services

Are you uncertain about the needs for your business to monitor areas for temperature, humidity or other aspects of environmental conditions.
We can assist you in a risk-based approach and a longterm experience in what and where to monitor, please contact us if you are interested to explore if we together can help each other in the need for environmental continuos monitoring.

OceaSoft Solution (LoRa wireless solution)

We are using the latest technology and we are registered partners with OceaSoft A/S, covering the Nordic & Baltic regions.

The newest solution uses LoRa network technology, a long range easy to use protocol, that ensures a high reliability and confidence in the monitoring solution, where we have distributed dataloggers that support 4 channels.

IT is a battery driven datalogger, that stays online for a period for years! Logging frequency as fast as 1 minute!


To dive into the solution itself, please click on the link below, where information about our offered solutions are provided.