IT Solutions

Expert Guidance & implementation

Utilizing the latest hypervisor from VMWare, and a decade of in-depth usage and hands-on expirience we can provide both consultancy and installation of a robust solution for all your virtual requirements.

Virtualization & Cloud

We are specialized in delivering infrastructures based on Microsoft Windows and virtualization through the use of VMWare VSphere ESX.
Our experts have extensive experience and know how in all aspects of establishing an entire hosted platform on a secure distributed setup.
In particular with focus on HIGH data protection, with top level documentation to back up the setup.
This knowledge is founded in years of establishing and maintaining large scale systems at various pharmaceutical companies!

Backup Solutions

Backup, well we have extensive experience in solid solutions, that ensures data on a long term basis.

Working with critical data that secures a reliable pharmaceutical production line, and that is the basis of releasing active pharmaceutical products to end users, requires the highest data protection and a backup strategy that for one ensures that all systems can be restored within minutes, and a strategy that can securely store data for years and years, some of our customers, need their data to be restorable forever!

This is our reason to claim that we have the best possible knowledge and know-how and can in any case help you, ensure your data!

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We have inhouse solutions that we offer the market, to help you outsource monitoring software, and take advantage of a paperless validation platform.

We manage the up time and secure your access, so only you and trusted employees has access to critical data.

Using OCEAView as a monitoring platform or Micro Focus ALM as a validation platform, accessed via web, you can rest peacefully and trust that we protect your data and supplies a unique service whenever you need it!