Why? It is our experience that any type of equipment that is storing critical content, e.g., refrigerators, freezers or storage rooms, has by no means always uniform and consistent distribution of temperature throughout the area.


The question is where to place the temperature sensor(s) to ensure that the product is stored under the required conditions?


A mapping study reveals the conditions in the area and establishes a complete picture and rationale for placing the monitoring sensor(s).

There is no other way to make sure that the entire area is under control!

Mapping does matter, it is a very important part of validating a room or equipment that is supposed to store any type of critical product!

We recommend that you read our white paper, an in-depth description of how and why. – We apologize to our international customers, but the paper is in Danish. If you are interested in obtaining an English version of the paper, it can be arranged on the basis of our interaction with the interested party!

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If you are serious about patient safety and the environmental conditions of your products! Read the in's and out's of mapping!

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