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This is the main splash screen of the actual mainstation, the web based application that visualizes and collects data from all connected sensors!

The view can be configured either as an overview as shown, or as a plan where the sensors are shown on a graphical view of your area!

Quick jump straight into the system, but this page is about the products so why not start out by ripping the rabbit out of the hat!?

Well back to a more in depth description of what it is all about!

Oceasoft A/S is as mentioned a french based company, with an install base of sensors of >135.000 monitoring sensors sold world wide.

We are proud to be able to offer this solution to our danish customers, because it might very well be the absolute best product for LoRa in the world!

We have spend hundreds of hours investigating the market for product lines that uses wireless technology, including LoRa, SigFox and NBIOT (Narrow Band IOT).

For a whole lot of reasons it was quickly concluded that LoRa is by far the best choice, and now you are probarbly asking yourself why?

Well for a lot of reasons, and far to hard to explain in a way that anyone would care to read! So to keep it short, the main reason is openness!!! This protocol are the ONLY one that is open and can be used by all vendors that develop devices! The protocol is maintained by the "LoRa Alliance" and they control the core of the comm's.

But anyone can develop, configure and install gateways and create there own private LoRaWAN.... This option is NOT available at any of the other solutions!

This results in the ability for companies, such as yours, to create a network cross site only for your devices, it is secure, protected and encrypted! It can be freely installed in a private network and if your company stretches over many countries and cities, it is still possible to connect devices to the network and keep the traffic "inhouse" on your private LAN inside firewalls.

Even the mainstation can work on a local inhouse hypervisor solution!

The system supports the latest server versions, and SQL databases! So it is cutting edge and development are ongoing to always improve the functionality and support an completely up2date patched server solution!

Apart from the mainstation, the system actually consists of only one datalogger!!! ONLY ONE???

Yep, but! The one datalogger is supporting all types of your needed measurements... Whether it is temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2.... Even if you need to convert existing hardware over to a wireless solution, there is a sensor for that (4-20 mA, 0-10V etc.) completely configurable to meet the needed settings for all special equipment eg. conductivity meters and so on!

The datalogger is the Cobalt X2:

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The datalogger has potentially 4 inputs/channels, but two actual physical connectors.

It supports 4000 datalogs pr channel, with a log frequency of max. 1 minute!

It features a display with information to the meassurred value, the high and low configured limits and bliks if any of the sensors are in alarm!

It is even possible to acknowledge alarms directly on the logger itself, by usage of a unique personal 6 digit code. So it is registered in the audittrail who did it and when it was done.

When acknowledging an alarm, you still need to input a cause! This of cause is also registered in the system!

Depending on the sensor chosen, it can meassure in the following areas:

Temperature from -200 degrees up to +200 degrees

Humidity from 0 to 99 %Rh

Pressure from -500 Pa up to +500 Pa

CO2 from 0 up to 9.99%

The probes can be delivered in a calibrated state including a certificate, and the transfer of data from the sensor to the logger is purely digital, so the calibration is contained within the smart probe!