• René Vestergaard

Easy wireless mapping

We published a whitepaper in danish a while ago! It explains in great details why and how mapping should be addressed!

The whitepaper has recived a lot of positive reactions, even though it is rather a long reading to get through!

So, to get real.... This blog post focusses on how you can take advantage of one ot the wireless dataloggers in our product programme!

It does not focus on the in's and out's, just how!

The system revolves around a free app, a bluetooth connected Emerald and a tool to evaluate data in relation to conclusions in mapping.

There is no cap on the amount of sensors that can be used in the mapping setup! So any size of area can be covered!

The kit includes 9 pcs. - that covers areas less than 2m3...

Our guideline states:

< 2m3 = 9 sensors

<20m3 = 15 sensors

>20 m3, a nescessary evaluation and plan must be performed to determine the number!

The included software has no cap on the amount of data that can be included in the claculation and compliance test of the acceptable requirements for the equipment.

Mapping is often "just" a tool in a more comprehensive validation of equipment or rooms, but this solution is probarbly the easiest, best way to move ahead.

A detailed explanation on how to use the Emerald for this purpose is shown on our website, right up untill the "mapper" has generated the data needed for the software to perform the automated test report/mapping report!

The kit includes this as well in a printed format, but in addition there is also the how-to guide on the included software.

To see how - Visit us at this direct link:

Here you can open the description, and in details read how you can do it!

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