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Transport & Logistics - A cracked nut!

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

One of the most asked questions we get, is in relation to transport....

Apperently this is one of the areas, that cold chain transporting companies, are struggeling to get under control.

We have both installed and launched solutions, that has proven to work, and more over, they work without much personel involvement...

Our dataloggers used, support all types of transportation, and in any conditions all over the world.

Even in air transport there is included an automatic disabling of comm's, as soon as the plain takes of, and it resumes comm's after landing, so when your produts arrive at the end destination the Emerald still delivers data automatically.

Fully automated and ensured that data ends up in a cloudbased solution, including alarming options for when the transportation has been compromised.

Okay, so it's not as perfect to post a power point on a blog! The video version has an auto change of 7 seconds! So use pause if you can't read the content within the timeshifting.

The video below shows the idea and functionallity, it's actually quite worth investing 5 minutes watching....

It is not newest of videos but the idea still works, and in the past time since it was posted, things has only gotten better.

The thing is.... You want an easy way to ensure data from your temperature sensitive transportation, but struggle to automate it.

That's what this does....

If you can see the general idea of the setup, then by all means just send your order via email, if you think that it looks interesting and want to know more, then again, just send an email and i'll schedule a meeting, we'll go over it and fit it into your setup....

In anyway, i'm always interested in explaining my thoughts, and share expieiences, so a meeting is only a time investment.... And if it does'nt suit you, you would only be better informed and only lost an hours worth of time!

Speak soon



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