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OceaSoft products

The OCEAView solution provides class-leading remote monitoring, data traceability, and alert notification based on OCEASOFT’s innovative wireless sensors and a web platform to implement flexible, connected, and auditable monitoring systems for all your needs. We both offer a public cloud solution as well as an on-premise private cloud solution.

Smart sensor

OCEASOFT provides a wide range of its own specially designed Smart-Sensors for monitoring various physical parameters. OCEASOFT Smart-Sensors offer maximum reliability and unprecedented ease of use.

  • Sensor memory contains calibration correction coefficients (a/b or a/b/c), measurement uncertainty after calibration, drift after 1 year, and sensor serial number

  • Simple plug-and-play operation for immediate use without any configuration required on supported data loggers

  • At recalibration time, swap with the freshly calibrated ready-to-use sensor without any data loss or down-time

  • Automatic recognition by supported data loggers

  • All-digital technology for maximum reliability

Unlimited possibilities

To ensure the greatest flexibility, OCEASOFTS has developed multiple smart-sensor converters and adapters, which makes it possible to monitor many kinds of equipment including specialized equipment from other suppliers integrated into the OCEAView application. This applies, for example, to:

  • Cell Production Units
    Integrate hyper-advanced equipment as CliniMACS Prodigy® Systems with 4-20mA or 0-10v

  • Particle Meters
    Integrate advanced particle counters as MET ONE 6015P with 4-20mA and dry-contact alarming.

  • Oxygen Meters

  • CO2 incubators

  • Nitrogen Freezers

Featured sensors & Equipment


Complete monitoring, traceability, and alert platform for Cloud or On-premises use, providing an advanced remote monitoring solution for all OCEASOFT data loggers. OCEAView is a rich and robust platform for monitoring your equipment’s environmental parameters that matter the most in labs, storage facilities, production areas, vehicles, and more.


OCEAView is available with Cloud or On-Premises versions to cover all your privacy and security constraints. The solution's attractive web interface gives you total control over all your equipment, data, sensors, users, reports, and calibration, with 24/7 e-mail, voice call, and SMS/text message alerts.

PlanView OCEAView
Watchmode OCEAView

Watch mode & Plan View

The Watch mode screen shows the status of all the equipment your profile allows you to view. The thumbnails on the dashboard provide an instant view of your equipment as well as the physical parameters recorded by your data loggers. 

OCEAView also enables you to load a floor plan for a quick visual indication of where your equipment and data loggers are located.

  • Instant view of equipment and physical parameters 

  • Quick visual indication of location and status with floor plans, 3D images, etc. 

  • Remote data logger configuration

Graphs & Reports

All sensor readings are shown on a graph, providing an easy way to track variations over time

  • You can display information from several sensors running data logging in a given piece of equipment at the same time

  • Minimum, maximum, and average readings are calculated

  • OCEAView enables you to create list reports concerning your solution

Graph view OCEAView


OCEAlert is an Internet-based alert platform that notifies you
and your teams in the event of alarms, such as temperature
excursions or technical issues. OCEAlert adds voice to call
and SMS/text messaging notifications to your OCEAView
monitoring solution, which includes e-mail notifications by
default, offering greater flexibility for fast response.

  • Reliable 24/7 alert notification for OCEAView via voice call
    and/or SMS/text message

  • External platform subscription requiring no additional
    equipment or maintenance

  • Sequential contact attempts until acknowledgment is

  • User confirmation via secure system PIN code


It is our experience that any type of equipment that is storing critical content, e.g., refrigerators, freezers, or storage rooms, has by no means always a uniform and consistent distribution of temperature throughout the area.


The question is where to place the temperature sensor(s) to ensure that the product is stored under the required conditions?


A mapping study reveals the conditions in the area and establishes a complete picture and rationale for placing the monitoring sensor(s).​ There is no other way to make sure that the entire area is under control!

Mapping does matter, it is a very important part of validating a room or equipment that is supposed to store any type of critical product. ​If you need a solution for mapping or seasonal studies, we are more than capable of assisting in that task.

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