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Emerald can be used as a mobile data logger with programmable alarm limits and on-board memory for up to 16,000 readings, or as a wireless sensor paired with a Cobalt X data logger. While it doesn't have an internal sensor, it can be connected to a PT100 sensor, allowing for monitoring of much lower temperatures. For monitoring on the move, data can be collected at any time with the OCEAView™ Mobile app and forwarded to the OCEAView web platform. When used as a wireless sensor for Cobalt X, Emerald offers the advantage of cable-free placement in hard-to-reach areas.

(Does not include PT100 sensor)


  • Mobile data logger or wireless sensor for Cobalt X
  • Shock-resistance ideal for cold chain tracking on the go
  • Data access via smartphone, tablet, or OCEAView solution
  • Blueooth Low Energy for optimal battery life

Emerald data logger for Pt100 sensor

Varenr.: ENR.EMD.P006
kr 961,00Pris
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